Testimonials from Clients of Acclaim Subscriptions.


“Thank you so much for all of your help. I’ve never had such great customer service! I know my nephew will be excited to start getting his magazine. I didn’t realize the subscription started in January but am so happy that the November/December issue will be coming soon. Happy Holidays!”

-  Jacqueline


“One click renewals for all our locations are great. And the reports are fabulous – I figured how to download them. Very easy to use. Thank you, it worked.  Can you also renew our newspaper subscriptions? Have a great day!”

-Michael R.


“Great, thanks for your help with everything. We love to be billed once a year and have all subscriptions automatically renewed. We don’t want to receive a notification every single time a magazine needs to be renewed. Your system makes our life so easy compared to what we were doing before.Thank you”

- Jen


“All our office managers are happy that they don’t need to deal with subscription tracking and renewing each subscription.  Where were you 5 years ago before we found you?  Our life is so much easier. Trust me – managing anything no matter how minor it may appear for >200 physical locations is a herculean task. The reports are easy for our accounting department to use and attribute to each cost center.” 

- Chuck H.


“We have used them for a few years now.  As with any magazine subscription company, there are occasional glitches that seem to originate with publishers who publish issues late or skip an issue. Sometimes it takes a week for them to get these issues sorted out with publishers.  Overall, they work well for us.  We used 2 other providers in the past and had problems. The pricing seems predictable; the service is good; they would go out and find what you need so that saves times.  With foreign titles, there are more frequent issues / late delivery but it seems to be unavoidable as it seems that especially in the summer, some publishers in Europe stop the presses.”


“Our locations are scattered throughout the country and they do a good job of managing this. They also manage to bill to different cost centers which is helpful.  Reports are available and easy to download/manipulate.”