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First for Women magazine


Product Details: FIRST FOR WOMEN
Publisher: Bauer Publishing Group
Language: Text in English

FIRST FOR WOMEN magazine subscriptions are no longer available. Please see below for popular alternative magazine subscriptions.


The purpose of First for Women magazine is to empower women by providing inspirational stories that will lead to daily successes. The magazine is made up of three main parts: "You," "Family" and "Fun.""You" includes articles focused on your mental and physical well being, including beauty tips, latest health developments and nutrition information. In the "Family" section, articles include recipes ideal for the whole family, personal finance advice and smart solutions to everyday problems related to the home. The "Fun" section features crosswords, word finds and entertainment. First published in 1989.

This magazine aims to be the first stop for all womanly issues.

Published 17 times per year, women in the United States and Canada who subscribe to this magazine will never be without inspiring and empowering information to get them through the hard days as well as the easy days. The goal of the magazine is to provide for women and offer them information that will send women down the road to success in personal, family and fun arenas.

The “You” section of the magazine contains articles directly pertaining to maintaining a female’s psychical health and upholding her well-being. Also in this section is information on how to properly apply beauty products, nutrition information, as well as the latest health tips and developments for feminine health. This section might include stories about birth control and the best foods to reduce cramps.

The “Family” section has all the information necessary to keep a family happy, such as recipes for delicious meals, ranging from breakfast to dessert. This section also includes financial information and ways to make money stretch, as well as ways to handle the problems that occur in a normal home. Another section of the magazine is the “Fun” section, which gives women ways to enjoy themselves in their down time. In the “Fun” section, readers can find themselves immersed in word finds, crosswords puzzles, matching games and other forms of entertainments.

First for Women debuted in 1989, and has since been focused on being a resource for the fast-moving stay-at-home mom. The women who read this magazine tend to wear many hats at once, such as soccer mom, wife, mother, nurse, chauffeur, chef and maid, and need to get a variety of information in one sitting. First for Women is the answer to that, but also encourages women who read the magazine to not over exert themselves and enjoy the blessings of life—first.

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