Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options
     Do you accept purchase orders?
     What payment options do you accept?
     Can I renew my existing subscriptions through Acclaim?
     Can I renew a gift subscription through Acclaim if I ordered it elsewhere?
Shipping and Delivery Questions
     How do I change a mailing address?
     When can I expect my magazines to arrive?
      Do you ship to medical institutions, military installations, places of incarceration, etc.?
      Do you ship outside the US, to Canada and other countries?
     Missing Issues - Replacement Policy
     How can I send a gift subscription from one country to another (billing address in one country and shipping address in another)?
Orders, Quotes, RFPs
     How do I place a large order for my business/employees/customers?
Gift Subscription Orders
     How can I place an order for a gift subscription?
Cancelations and Refunds
     Do you process cancellations and refund requests?

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