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Medical Office Magazine Subscription Solutions that are Just What the Doctor Ordered



Magazine subscriptions and payment options to suit any medical practice

Acclaim is proud to be the magazine subscription provider for scores of doctors' offices, medical facilities, labs, and hospitals-even those with multiple locations and specializations. They turn to us for the magazine selection, cost savings and dependable magazine subscription services that please everyone, from the patients in reception and exam rooms to the busiest, best-trained doctors, nurses and lab technicians.

Medical office magazine subscriptions from Acclaim offer unparalled value and savings. Order from Acclaim all your medical office subscriptions!

Our medical office subscription services for medical and doctor's offices is available worldwide to all healthcare and medical providers. We offer international delivery.

Please contact us for assistance by phone (USA): 1-323-837-5062 or email.

Acclaim offers:
  1. Access to over 250,000 titles worldwide, all in one place, from highly specialized medical publications to popular consumer magazines, business and trade journals, newspapers, newsletters, and online e-subscriptions
  2. Easy-to-order, pre-selected doctor office packages for your reception area
  3. A consolidated online subscription service that allows multiple users, with varying levels of privileges, to order magazines, review invoices, request customer service, etc.
  4. Significant cost savings thanks to our centralized processing
  5. Custom tracking and reporting by location
  6. Consolidated billing and processing of POs
  7. Specialized gift services and business incentive programs
  8. Free transfer service for existing subscriptions, and free renewal reminders (or we can set up automatic renewal if you'd prefer)
  9. Ease of use, a simple one-time setup, and all at no additional charge
Acclaim knows time is money-our service will save your practice both
Our business is based on delivering convenience, cost-efficiency and time savings to our customers. Ordering a magazine directly from a publisher might cost you more in processing costs than the cost of publication!

Based on numerous studies (by respected firms including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Aberdeen Group), utilizing e-procurement services such as Acclaim can net savings of at least 60%. (Contact us today for details from these reports.)

But savings is only a part of the Acclaim value proposition. The convenience of shopping over 250,000 magazine subscriptions worldwide from one source, one contact for customer service on all subscriptions, and our convenient, detailed reporting services are additional benefits of doing business with us.

It's easy to get started
With your initial order, we'll establish your online account, even demonstrate how you (and multiple other users, if you'd like) can easily manage your company's subscriptions with our web-based tools. Contact us today via email or call 1-866-987-9800.

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