The Acclaim Subscriptions Affiliate Program offers corporate and individual website owners the opportunity to earn commission on the sales they generate. It's as easy as signing up and placing our banners or text links on your website! You'll earn commissions on every paid order generated from your site!
Why Affiliate Program?
1. High Commissions. Don't be fooled by 30% commissions. Average magazine sale is $15 - 30% is only $4.50. Much less than the FLAT FEE $5 minimum commissions paid by Acclaim Subscriptions.
2. Over 200,000 publications to sell. That's 100-1,000 times more chances for you to make a sale compared to the average competitor with 600-1,500 publications at most.
3. Magazines for every interest. With over 200,000 titles, no matter what interests your visitors, we have a magazine they will want to buy. Music, videos, humor, news, politics, science, technology, finance, nuclear fission. You name it, we have it
4. Worldwide sales. 6 billion people. USA. Canada. China. Australia. UK. South Pole. Zambia. Columbia. Egypt and over 100 other countries.
5. You will make more money with us. It's that simple. Higher payouts. More magazines. More sales. More money for you.
6. Cash every month. Others promise you high commissions with tiers you will never reach, 10%-100% commissions. Don't be fooled. No one can pay more than they make. None of their affiliates reach the high tiers--that's why they can offer them. They promise you a pie in the sky, and that's the only thing you can get with them. At, we offer you actual CASH. No pie in the sky. Cash for every sale--by check or deposited to your bank or PayPal account.
7. No work for you. Just place the links. We fulfill orders, ship the product, handle customer inquiries, track your sales, and mail you commission checks. It's simple, and there's no limit to what you can earn. Competition
Commissions At Least $5 15-50% ($1.50 - $4.50 average sale)
Commissionable Products >200,000 600-1,500
Affiliate Support +++++ Varies + to +++++
USA Commissions YES YES
Canadian Sales Commissions YES NO
Worldwide Sales Commissions YES NO
AcclamNetwork Affiliate Tracking YES NO
Payment Frequency Monthly Up to 12 weeks
Have been in business over 5 years Yes Few
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Millions of magazines are sold every year at high retail prices. Acclaim Subscriptions offers discounted magazine subscriptions that are conveniently delivered home to our customers every month. By partnering with us, you will embrace the opportunity to help your visitors gain the convenience of home delivery of their favorite magazines. We have over two hundred thousand magazines and newsletters on topics as varied as you can imagine. What this means is that you can integrate and recommend our products in context of your web site. Whether you have a web site devoted to business, cooking, sports, politics or tatoo's you can earn extra revenues by offering our products to your visitors. Your visitors will love it, since they come to your site in the first place because they are interested in a subject and want information. With magazine subscriptions, they will get information on their favority topics and hobbies every month.
Even if you have a general site, you can still offer magazine subscriptions to your visitors because EVERYONE has some interests, whether it's current news, entertainment or the Internet.

As an affiliate of Acclaim Subscriptions Affiliate Program, you can earn $5 or more for every order generated by your traffic, with the possibility of earning even more with our affiliate performance bonuses. Read our Affiliate Agreement for details.
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Co-Branded Partnerships:
If your company offers web hosting, domain registration, or e-commerce solutions, or you operate a high traffic website, we can co-brand the pages to match the look of your website. For more information, please contact us.
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Affiliate Program FAQ
How often will I get paid?
You'll receive your commission check each month, provided that the amount owed is over $50. If it's not, the commissions will carry over to the next month.
Is there a minimum payout amount?
Yes. The amount owed must be at least $50 to receive your monthly check. If it's not, the commissions will carry over to the next month.
Can I promote your services through my opt-in newsletter?
Yes, as long as the recipients opted into the list, and the newsletter contains removal instructions. Advertising through unsolicited email (spam) will not be tolerated..
Will I receive my commission if the visitor bookmarks your site, then returns on a later date to make a purchase?
In most cases, the answer is yes. We use several methods to track commissions One of these methods is the use of cookies. You would most likely receive the commission unless: a) The surfer had their cookies turned off, b) The surfer erased their cookies, or c) The surfer clicked on another affiliate's link, and your affiliate id was replaced by theirs.
Will I receive my commission if the surfer has Cookies or JavaScript disabled?
That depends. It many cases, we track visitors through our site by passing the affiliate id from page to page. The ID is encoded within each web page, which are dynamically generated for each visitor. Because of this, in most cases you'd still get credit for most sales, even if Cookies or JavaScript are disabled, so long as the surfer does not leave our website before making a purchase. However, if cookies are disabled, then you'll most likely not receive commission if the surfer leaves our site, and then returns on a later date to make a purchase.
How do I join your affiliate program?
You may sign up by clicking here.
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