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We truly partner with publishers and advertisers to reach new readers, new markets, new sources of revenue and profitability.




Circulation and advertising numbers are key to the global media-driven economy. And Acclaim is proud to do its part, boosting circulation and revenue for publishers while helping advertising agencies find the right publications to reach bigger and better targeted audiences.

Paid Circulation Programs
We sell subscriptions to Consumer, Business and Trade publications in all formats -- Magazines, Newsletters, Journals, Serials, Newspapers, e-Publications (e-mail and online publications). Special Programs include:

  • Consumer Marketing Circulation Programs, with Gift Subscription Marketing and more
  • Programs for Fortune 500 corporations with 1000+ employees or 20+ offices
  • Featured titles by Category
  • Corporate and Consumer Gift & Incentive Programs
  • Corporate Purchasing and Corporate Library Programs
  • Reception Room Programs

Controlled Circulation Programs
Through our site, we offer highly targeted, controlled circulation of trade and professional magazines, journals, newsletters and e-publications.

  • Targeted, high quality subscribers
  • Low-cost subscriber acquisition, both new and renewals
  • Minimal start-up costs
  • Virtually every industry
  • American, Canadian, and International publications
  • Opportunities for paid up-sell to readers who don't qualify for free pubs

Media Kit Central
A free service for media buyers, this program helps media agencies plan print ad placement, connecting their clients with the right demographics at the right price. Sign up today as a Publisher Partner and put your publication in front of media buyers looking for new targeted publications. Sign up today for our Media Kit Central service and acquire new advertisers for your publication!

We can help you sell and distribute your publications online. Electronic formats are increasingly in demand by busy professionals, and we're ready to help you capture this growing market today.

Outsourced Subscription Order Processing
Let Acclaim run your online subscription service, including credit card acceptance and processing. We can even help with custom web page development and management, building a highly attractive and effective online sales tool for your publications.

Contact us today for more information on how we help publishers and advertisers reach greater audiences and profitability.

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