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Most Popular magazines in Computer Graphics

Computer Arts - France magazine
12 issues for $253.89
Computer Arts is the magazine for graphic arts on Mac and PC. It addresses all aspects of digital creation: 2D, 3D, desktop publishing, image editing, graphics, video, web design, multimedia. Computer Arts deciphers trends and techniques and...

Micro Actuel Pratique - France magazine
6 issues for $95.16
Micro Actuel Pratique renews offer computer press by addressing the micro in terms of the purpose and intended use by the user rather than in terms of the technical products. Micro Current offers accessible information on the bottom and form, in...

Printing Impressions magazine
12 issues for $107.35
PRINTING IMPRESSIONS magazine features marketing, management and technical aspects of printing and publishing operations. The magazine covers new products, equipment and supply review, calendar and total industry news.


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