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Time is money, and Acclaim's web-based services are proven to save companies significant amounts of both.




Using our services, Fortune 500s (and mom-and-pops) have saved thousands.
Acclaim's business model is based upon delivering convenience, cost-efficiency and time savings to our customers. We are not an intermediary or "middle man" that extracts unreasonable profit at our clients' expense.

Leading experts agree: outsourcing eliminates many hidden in-house costs.
Based on numerous studies (by respected firms including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Aberdeen Group), utilizing e-procurement services such as Acclaim can net estimated savings of $39-$74 per item ordered. Plus our service includes customer care in addition to procurement and order aggregation services, so you can expect even greater savings.

The cost of placing an order includes hidden process costs such as the labor of frontline employees requesting a magazine or journal subscription, a manager authorizing that purchase request, and the purchasing personnel responsible for turning that requisition into an order.

In other words, ordering a publication directly from a publisher may cost you more in processing costs than the cost of publication (placing the order, issuing and negotiating a payment, requesting customer service, and more).

Doing it yourself may actually cost you an additional 50% or more.
Here's an example: if your organization spends $76 per order to process a purchase order for a $35 subscription, your overall cost would be $111. If you'd used Acclaim Subscriptions instead, your overall cost of the subscription would be $72-81 (depending whether we charge a fee on that specific publication), down from $111. That means your current acquisition costs may be 50% higher than necessary, or more. (Chances are, there are other things your company could do with that money!)

Contact us for more details from these reports, and how we can provide savings and services better than your current purchasing yields.

Savings is only a part of the Acclaim value proposition.
The convenience of ordering over 250,000 publications published worldwide from one source, with one contact for customer service on all publications and our detailed reporting services are all additional "value added" benefits of doing business with us.

Contact us to discuss your subscription needs, and how we can save you time and money starting today.

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