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Our magazine subscription services are based on satisfying business customers' wants and needs.




Acclaim offers a myriad of subscription options to meet just about any business need. Please browse our services below, or contact us today to request a proposal.

Corporate Subscription Management: Our corporate magazine subscription services have been designed to provide flexible and easy ways for companies of all sizes and shapes to manage their journal and magazine subscriptions while maintaining tight controls on the cost. Fully scalable, our web-based corporate account management can support any size company and be easily customized to serve and track all subscription activities, even within multi-site and multi-division corporations:

  • Consolidated billing across multiple locations and divisions
  • Customized invoicing and cost attribution across departments and sites
  • A permissions system that grants multiple levels and varying degrees of access, such as full control, invoice oversight, or authorized ordering
  • Corporate oversight and limitation of affiliate periodical selection
  • Customized reporting for various criteria, including location/delivery address, system user, publication title, and date

We work with our customers to provide:

Business Magazine Subscription Packages:
See Solutions by Industry for convenient, cost-saving, crowd-pleasing bundles of popular magazines, including a number of packages designed for medical offices. We offer reception room magazine packages and waiting room magazine subscription packages, and packages for health clubs, beauty and hair salons.

Acclaim's Corporate Subscription Management Services save time, money, and administration costs. Let us put together a proposal for you for all your magazine subscriptions.

Please contact us today.

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