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Discover popular and hard to find Jewelry magazines available for subscription, renewal or as a gift to Jewelry enthusiasts. ❖   Bead and Gemstone   ❖   Diamond   ❖   Watches   ❖   Trade Networks  

Most Popular magazines in Jewelry

10 issues for $15.00
Harper's Bazaar magazine is where elegance finds expression. Appealing to the contemporary working woman and mother with its coverage of fashion, beauty, and current lifestyle trends, this monthly magazine will stimulate a sophisticated woman's...

Paris Capitale - France magazine
9 issues for $173.24
Paris Capitale is a city-luxury magazine in Paris. It is a French language fashion and luxury goods magazine that features interviews with fashion designers, watch makers, and jewelry designers. Each issue of Paris Capitale also features celebrity...

Ornament magazine
5 issues for $33.28
Ornament Magazine is a publication covering all aspects of personal adornment--contemporary, ethnographic and ancient. Our mission is based on the belief that what we make to adorn ourselves is a beautiful and meaningful expression of life. In...


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