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The first issue for new subscribers usually arrives in 6-10 weeks . For current subscribers, when you renew, your current Elle subscription will be extended by 12 issues 1 year. Please renew 8-12 weeks prior to expiration of your subscription to avoid missing issues.

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Product Description: ELLE

Elle is an international fashion magazine covering runway trends and high style. Devoted to the sophisticated and well-traveled woman, this monthly magazine's well-written articles and columns cover everything from the style and beauty trends to personalities and lifestyles.International style magazine for the sophisticated, affluent, well-traveled woman. Reports on global ideas and trends in fashion, personalities and life-styles.

Elle is one of the major national magazines appreciating what it is to be a woman. Elle translated from French means “she,” and that’s all this magazine covers— topics pertaining to women and their womanhood. Articles in the magazine include topics about health, beauty, fashion, sex and entertainment. Elle is a wonderful resource for all things woman.

The magazine started out as French language publication, when it was first published in France in 1945. In 1985, an American version was created. Since the inception of the magazine it has grown to international fame and now is available in English translations in Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as Spanish, Chinese and other language translations. Now Elle boasts millions of readers and subscribers across the world, and can be found in 27 different languages in over 42 different nations. Elle was first published in Sweden in 1987, Thailand in 1994 and Serbia in 2005.

Elle is the world’s largest fashion magazine, and provides the newest and most vital information to help women become better, sexier and more mysterious versions of themselves. The magazine is published once a month, and is a great resource for women looking to acquire confidence in herself and her fashions. Because Elle is an international magazine, each issue has some form of international flair, whether it be advertisements from international designers, or an article on the best tribal jewelry, it can all be found within the pages of Elle. In regards to fashion, there are routine articles featuring the hottest epicenters of fashion such as New York, Paris and Milan. There is also mention of the latest runway shoes and the most talented designers, especially around Fashion Week.

Product Details: ELLE
Publisher: Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., Inc.
ISSN: 0888-0808
Country: US
Language: Text in English
Issues per year: 12

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