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Sunshine Artist Magazine Subscription

Delivery to United States

The first issue for new subscribers usually arrives in 6-10 weeks . For current subscribers, when you renew, your current Sunshine Artist subscription will be extended by 12 issues 1 year. Please renew 8-12 weeks prior to expiration of your subscription to avoid missing issues.

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Product Description: SUNSHINE ARTIST
Sunshine Artist is the nation’s leading publication for art and craft show exhibitors, promoters and patrons. Since 1972, SA has been providing its readers with comprehensive reviews of everything from fine art fairs and festivals to small craft shows around the country, focusing on every aspect of the shows from sales to artist amenities to the quality of art or craft. We also include in each issue hundreds of art and craft show listings, including contact information, booth fees, application deadlines and the type of art/craft that the event accepts. Finally, in each issue you will find features on everything from tips to boost your business to in-depth reports on current trends on the show circuit.

Product Details: SUNSHINE ARTIST
Publisher: Palm House Publishing
ISSN: 1081-6542
Country: US
Language: Text in English
Issues per year: 12

How do I order Sunshine Artist magazine subscription for delivery?

Ordering Sunshine Artist is simple. You can order online yourself or contact us and we will be happy to assist. You can contact us by phone, email, fax, or online chat. Simply choose your country in the drop-down box or choose "Rest of the World" if your country is not listed, then add the magazine to the shopping cart and proceed with your purchase.

Gift subscription to Sunshine Artist magazine

You can order Sunshine Artistgift subscription through Acclaim. Simply add the Sunshine Artist magazine to your shopping cart, during the purchase we will give you an option to create a personalized gift card that we can send by mail or email either to the recipient or yourself. Please contact us for assistance.

How to order Sunshine Artist magazine subscription in United States for our office reception room?

Renewing your subscription for your office reception rooms to Sunshine Artist magazine is easy and convenient through Acclaim. You can renew online yourself or contact us and we will be happy to assist you. To renew online, simply add the magazine to your shopping cart. If you are an existing customer login to your account during checkout. If you are a new customer simply create a new account during checkout. You will be given an option to specify that it's a renewal during checkout process.

Can I renew my personal or gift subscription to Sunshine Artist magazine through Acclaim if I purchased somewhere else?

Yes, you can renew Sunshine Artist through Acclaim Subscriptions even if you purchased your Sunshine Artist subscription to through publisher or another company. You get to use our convenient service at no extra charge. Everything is included in the cost of your subscription. You can order online, by phone or fax.

Can I purchase Sunshine Artist magazine for myself as individual, for my office or library?

Yes, Acclaim Subscriptions is happy to provide services to individuals, companies, schools, non-profit organizations and government. You can place your Sunshine Artist order online or contact us for assistance.  We specialize in offering office subscriptions to medical offices, dental offices, doctor offices, beauty salons, nail salons and spas.

Can I pay for Sunshine Artist magazine with purchase order, get invoiced for Sunshine Artist magazine or pay by check, credit card, paypal or bank transfer?

Yes, Acclaim Subscriptions accepts payment for Sunshine Artist magazine subscriptions as well as for all other subscriptions by check, credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard) as well as through purchase orders, Paypal and bank transfer. If you're paying by Paypal or bank transfer please place your order and choose "Pay by check" as the payment option. Then contact us with your order number for instructions on how to pay.

To what countries do you deliver Sunshine Artist magazine?

Acclaim Subscriptions can ship Sunshine Artist subscription to your country as well as United States. Please choose the country in the drop-down box where you wish magazine to be shipped. If your country is not listed, please choose "REST OF THE WORLD" as your country. You will be able to choose and specify your country during checkout.

How soon will I start receiving my magazines?

Once you place an order for Sunshine Artist subscription, it usually takes 6-8 weeks for weeklies and 8-10 weeks for monthly magazines for the first issue to arrive in the US and Canada. Outside US and Canada, please add 2-4 weeks for the first issue depending on your location and the country where Sunshine Artist magazine is published. Whenever possible we list the pricing for the fastest and economical delivery method on our website. The exact date depends on publisher practices and policies and is not controlled by Acclaim Subscriptions. Publisher cannot expedite subscription start date. If you need Sunshine Artist magazines sooner, we suggest purchasing single issues at retail outlets until your subscription starts.


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