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Première - France magazine
12 issues for $62.23
Each month, best of the cinema is in PREMIERE, A true glance on the cinema and its actors. FIRST deciphers the exits cinema (in rooms and dvd), reinforces its criticisms, offers portraits d' to you; actors and realizers, gives you appointment with...

Mojo - UK magazine
12 issues for $248.04
Let MOJO take you to the heart and soul of music with unique depth, insight and passion. The Beatles to Battles, The Ramones to Radiohead. Classic sitting comfortably with cutting edge and quality being the one constant.

Studio Ciné Live - France magazine
12 issues for $178.12
Studio Ciné Live is a film magazine in the broad sense: all movies, all types, all shapes. Directed by a team of recognized professionals and enthusiasts, Studio Ciné Live has sole objective of keeping alive the film to vibrate the reader on...


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